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There are many different things that we can do to improve the way in which we communicate with others. Some are obvious and others not so, but you need to put some effort into improving your communication skills and always thinking of other ways to improve them.

Some things to think about are: 

  •  Discuss with others and colleagues what their methods of effective communication are and try to use these yourself
  • Find out how people want to be addressed and call them by what they want not what you feel is correct
  • Respect people’s wishes
  • Give people time to talk to you and do not rush them to an answer
  • Take time to understand peoples past experiences and concerns
  • Do not assume anything about someone’s wishes, find out what they want
  • Don’t assume that because you know their culture you know what they want
  • Make sure you have an acceptable level of English in a written and verbal format
  • Think about other ways of communicating like writing on boards or giving the person a note or leaflet
  • Think about what resources you can produce or use to give information in a different format
  • Make sure you know the cultural and communication requirements of your service users
  • Communicate well between the staff so every one provides the best care
  • Make sure there is sufficient time in the staff handovers so that someone’s needs are not missed or forgotten
  • Always embrace training and always look at ways of improving the care you give
  • See if you can find ways of getting ideas from residents or service users, by holding residents or family meetings and evaluations.

This list is not everything that you can do, you will be able to think of other ways of ensuring good communication and care in your workplace.